A positive mantra for every person to live by is to never pass up an opportunity to lend a helping hand, because you never know where the path may lead.

Pendragon Homes owner Leslie Ratliff had a chance meeting with Stacey while shopping for clothing. Leslie was at the store with her daughter who has down syndrome. At the time, she was struggling between keeping a close watch on her daughter and completing her shopping trip. Stacey witnessed Leslie’s struggle and offered to help keep her eye on Leslie’s daughter while inside the dressing room.

Leslie was moved by the kind gesture and soon discovered why Stacey was so open to offer assistance. Stacy and her husband Brian have a son with special abilities as well.

This sparked a conversation and after bonding over their children, Leslie and Stacey exchanged contact information and promised to keep in touch. Eight months later, Stacey and Brian decided to build their dream home and they knew exactly who to call for the custom design and build needed for the house.

They called Leslie and the Pendragon team who proceeded to assist Stacey and Brian with finding the perfect lot to build the home.

After purchasing the lot, it was time to set up a blue print for a house that would grow with their family.

Stacey and Brian met with the Pendragon team to design a house that could age with the family throughout the generations. They had specific requirements to fit the needs of their son. Having a daughter with special abilities, Leslie was well versed in what type of house this family needed and how to get them there on schedule.

Stacey and Brian’s custom features included:

  • First-floor master bedroom
  • Walkout lot for a convertible basement

Stacey and Brian are future planners and wanted their home to be a place where their son could live in safety and comfort for a long time.

The walk-out basement will later be converted into an apartment for their son to always have a safe place to lay his head.

The family moved into their home with all of its unique touches and it all began with a simple act of kindness from one mother to another.