When Pam and Mike sought to build their dream home, they went for the perfect mix of the past and present.

Pam is a designer with a passion for the colonial era of home builders. She has a particular love for the architectural build of Kings Arms Tavern located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Pam and Mike’s wish list included a colonial era home with specific eco-friendly needs such as nuwool insulation and a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Pam and Mike came to Pendragon Homes with their vision and were assisted in finding the perfect land for their new home. Their first request was for the homes exterior to be a replication of the Kings Arms Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg. Pendragon helped Pam and Mike source the 2 acres of land needed for the structure and the design phase began shortly after.

Custom features included:

  • Wood countertops – curly maple in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Colonial style porches
  • Custom stone and tile work
  • Field finished floors

After less than a year of construction, Pam and Mike were given the keys to a new life. The finished home was not the only blast from the past that Pam and Mike brought to the table.

When their kids were growing up, Pam and Mike lived in a family-oriented neighborhood and formed life-long friendships with their neighbors. Those friendships were so strong that after building their house, Pam and Mike called up their friends and told them about their new property.

It did not take much convincing for their friends and old neighbors to become their new neighbors.

Pendragon Homes helped welcome Pam and Mike’s neighbors by designing and building their own custom home right next door.

The couple ended up with everything they wanted in a home… a beautiful, classic structure, new eco-friendly features and the best of friends to share the experience.