A dream home 15 years in the making, came to life through Pendragon’s partnership with Jonathan and Julia.

When the couple married, they took their honeymoon in the beautiful country-side around Charleston, North Carolina. The trip turned out to be life-changing. It was in Charleston that the couple got the inspiration for their dream home. They fell in love with a Georgian style home on a large piece of property and wanted the same for their dream home to raise their future children.

Georgian style homes have certain identifying features that certainly caught Jonathan and Julia’s eye.

  • Red brick center entrance colonial
  • Panel front-doors & crown molding
  • Rectangular windows
  • Box structure with strict symmetry arrangements

While on their honeymoon, the couple found and purchased a blue print for a Georgian style home which they worked at for 15 years. They found a beautiful piece of property and knew it was time to move forward.

They had to then ask themselves about what it will take to make this dream a reality. Jonathan and Julia wanted to work with a custom home builder with an eye for details and was known for high customer satisfaction.

The couple turned to Leslie and the Pendragon Homes team to construct the house from start to finish. The Pendragon team met with the couple and was able to help pin point the custom features that make this Georgian style home a one-of-a kind.

In the years since the first blue prints were purchased, Jonathan and Julia expanded their family to include twins and a third baby. That meant that the first step was to redesign the floorplan to work for a family.

Custom touches for Jonathan and Julia included:

  • A center entrance with mirrored sides
  • A Jack and Jill bathroom for the twins
  • Mosaic inlays purchased in the middle east

After eight months of construction, Jonathan and Julia moved into their spectacular home. They have now been there for 7 years and are more than happy with the results.

Jonathan and Julia remain close to Leslie and her team as a long, lasting friendship formed from love.