Deciding How Much to Downsize

Man and woman with facing away, standing at a stove in a large house

The Time to Downsize Has Come The time to downsize has come but how do you go about it? Downsizing usually occurs after the kids move out. Retirement is also a great time to move into a home that fits your new needs better. Regardless of the reason, your lifestyle is about to change. That means deciding how much to … Read More

Stay Safe with a Well Maintained Fireplace and Chimney

Two people with drinks in their hands sitting and facing a wood burning fireplace with a roaring fire.

Cincinnati weather can be unpredictable and winter seems to be the most unpredictable season. The best place to be when it’s too cold to go outside is in front of your fireplace. However, just like cars and appliances, your fireplace and chimney need regular inspections and maintenance. An improperly maintained fireplaces poses serious risks to you and your family. … Read More

Time for Winter Decluttering and Downsizing

winter decluttering and downsizing

Winter is upon us, which means shorter days and more time indoors, just on the heels of the holidays. The holidays inspire a lot of emotions and often among them is the feeling that you have too much stuff! After putting up a tree or making space for guests or receiving a lot of gifts–for better or worse–you might feel the … Read More

Choose the Best Flooring for Your Custom Home

best flooring

The look and feel of your new home starts with the floor – its foundation. As such, flooring sets the tone and color scheme. Our on-site designer will help you choose the right flooring for each room, balancing comfort, ease of cleaning, what is best for resale value, and what has the least environmental impact. Here are our current favorite … Read More

Bring the Outdoors in This Spring

bring the outdoors in

For a majority of the U.S., spring cannot come soon enough. Spring marks the end of cold temperatures, shoveling snow and the need to warm up our cars in the morning. Spring also provides a happy medium temperature-wise; it’s almost too nice to only be enjoyed indoors. Unfortunately, we can’t spend ALL of our time outdoors. Fortunately, there are ways … Read More

5 Steps to Keep Large Windows Sparkling

large windows

Homes with large windows and skylights strike an impressive view. They grab attention from outside and fill the inside with natural light. But, as any window washer will tell you, large windows (and those placed high in a building, like a skylight), can be tricky to clean and keep sparkling. You may hire a professional to thoroughly clean the windows … Read More

Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Start Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning in winter

They say you should deep clean your home at least once a year. Most of us know this as spring cleaning. But by the time warmer weather arrives, who wants to stay indoors? That’s why we suggest getting a head start on your spring cleaning. You’re already stuck inside, so why not take full advantage of it and deep clean … Read More

Prepare Your Kids to Be Future Homeowners

future homeowners

According to a number of experts, millennials show a shocking dearth of life skills such as cooking, repairing things around the home, and balancing a budget. This lack of basic, “how to” knowledge is so widespread that schools that teach people “how to adult” have sprung up across the U.S. For example, clinical psychologist Rachel Weinstein founded “The Adulting School.” … Read More

Keep Your Floors Clean as We Head Into Fall

muddy shoes and clean floors

Fall is an ideal time to enjoy the great outdoors. The leaves are falling, the grass is covered in dew in the mornings, and perhaps it rains more, depending on where you live. A hike in the woods or simply walking the dog takes on a whole new flavor. One downside is, we often bring the outdoors indoors — onto … Read More