Is a Professional Decorator Right for You?

professional decorator right for you

When you move to a new home, you want to make it your own. Moving your furniture and other household items is an excellent start. But what if the furniture from your previous home is too big for the rooms in your house or clash with your vision for the room? You may decide to get rid of everything altogether. While you may be fine with making these decisions on your own, you could hire an interior decorator or designer. First, figure out what you want and then consider, is a professional decorator right for you?


It Starts with a Vision

A good starting point is to create a vision board of home design ideas you like. From there, identify any commonalities among your choices. That can be the basis to what designs will be incorporated into your home. You may also want to create a list of items currently in your home that you don’t want to part with and give it to the designer, so there are no miscommunications about what can stay and what can go.

As your vision from what you want the different spaces in your home to look like, start to look into the various professionals in your area. The American Society of Interior Designers has a feature on their site that allows you to browse professionals in your area. You can look at the photographs they’ve uploaded to the website to see if their design style matches what you had in mind for your home overall.


Do You Enjoy Home Design?

Do you love home design? Is your go-to TV channel HGTV? Or do you have no interest in being the one to design your home? If you have a passion for home design and know what you’re doing, you can get away with designing your home according to your tastes. But if you aren’t into home design or enjoy it but worry about accidentally messing up your new home, it’s best to hire a professional decorator.

Regardless of how you feel about home design, it may be beneficial to hire a decorator. Freshome reports that decorators can help save you money in the long haul by not making costly mistakes that leave you re-fixing your home every few years. And, eventually, when you sell your home, you won’t have to spend as much money on upgrades that a realtor may request you make to maximize the value of your home.


Is Your New Home Designed Differently Than Your Old Home?

Different homes have different layouts. The beloved couch that you’ve taken from house to house may suddenly not work in your new home because it’s too big for the room. If you find you’re having to start over and get new furniture, hiring a designer may be the way to go. Professional decorators may have connections to showrooms and may be able to get a discount on furniture or may be able to get you furniture that if you were redesigning your home on your own, you wouldn’t get to see.


Has Your Living Situation Changed?

Have your kids recently flown the coop, leaving you and your spouse with an empty nest? Hiring a professional decorator can help you incorporate pieces into your home that may not have been appropriate when you had children in the house. Having a professional decorator can help you make design choices that may not have been feasible when your kids were living in the house, like a white couch or better carpeting.

Have you recently gone through a divorce and are living alone for the time being? Chances are, you may be starting from scratch when it comes to furniture unless it was a family heirloom that you got to keep in the divorce. A professional decorator can help you choose pieces and styles that fit what you’re looking for, letting your new home be a space where you can get back in touch with yourself.


How to Find the Right Designer for You

It’s worth nothing that an interior designer is not the same as an interior decorator, and one of the other may be right for you. The Spruce has a break-down of the differences.

If you do choose to hire a professional, you want to find one who suits your style and budget. You need a good rapport and confidence in their abilities. So choose carefully.

Today’s Homeowner suggests looking up anyone you’re considering hiring to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. You can also turn to friends and neighbors who used decorators for their homes. If your friends and neighbors had a positive experience with a decorator, they’d probably want them to stay in business and will recommend them to other people. Conversely, if your friends and neighbors had a less than stellar experience with someone, they’ll let you know, so you don’t go through the same negative experience they had.

Even if your friends haven’t used a decorator, use websites and apps to learn what others have said about someone you’re considering. Be sure to check there also so you can see if someone had an experience that wasn’t similar to what your friends told you.


If you’re still on the fence about hiring a decorator for your home, think about what you want your home to look like compared with how it looks like currently. If you envision multiple design changes, it may not be worth the hassle of doing it yourself each time. Save the money and hire a professional to take care of everything.


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