Time for Winter Decluttering and Downsizing

winter decluttering and downsizing

Winter is upon us, which means shorter days and more time indoors, just on the heels of the holidays. The holidays inspire a lot of emotions and often among them is the feeling that you have too much stuff! After putting up a tree or making space for guests or receiving a lot of gifts–for better or worse–you might feel the … Read More

Home Decor New Year Resolutions

home decor new years resolutions

Tired of vowing to lose weight and get more exercise in the New Year? If that’s a New Year’s resolution that gets you excited for 2019, have at it! But if you’re burned out on resolving to do the same things year-in and year-out, here’s a fresh idea to kick off 2019–make a list of home decor New Year’s resolutions! … Read More

Should You Put a Tiny Home on Your Property?

tiny home on your property

Have you heard about the Tiny Home trend? Does the thought of living in 400 square feet of space sound impossible for you? Well, many people are adding tiny homes to their property for other reasons. They can be great options as guest houses, mother-in-law residences, Airbnb rentals, or places for adult children to live temporarily. In case you haven’t … Read More