Decorating Choices that Never Go Out of Style

decorating never go out of style

Picking a design for your home can be difficult. You want a home that feels fresh but won’t go out of fashion in two years. What are you looking for? A style that you can stick to for years? Or do you like to spruce things up every year or two? A timeless design could be right for you. These styles never go out of style. They leave you with room to breathe if you get bored quickly with your interior design.


Functionality is Always in Style

What is functionality in a room? It means more than whether or not a piece of furniture has a use. Size and quantity also play a big part.

If you’re sitting in a living room or family room the couch, television, and shelving units should be proportionate to the living space. A sofa shouldn’t be so big that it takes up the entire room. A hutch shouldn’t be so small that it feels insignificant.

When you think of timeless designs put your knickknacks away. They can be fun to collect, but they may be hard to incorporate with the style you want to achieve. If you love knickknacks by no means should you stop collecting them. Consider giving them a home in a spare room instead.

Throw pillows can be useful when the arms of a couch or chair are a bit stiff. If you invest in too many throw pillows they will end up on the floor or tossed in a corner. While they may look nice, the extra pillows simply waste space and money.



Nothing says timeless fashion like antiques. Fresh Home explains that you don’t have to spend a thousand dollars on original antiques. Even if it’s a reproduction as long as it’s 100 years or older, it’s considered antique.

Antiques can be used all over the house. Place an antique bookshelf in your study. Place your great grandmother’s china cabinet in the dining room. You could even display your antique kitchen utensils on a wall above your oven.


Avoid Flashy Designs

Colors and patterns play a big role in trends–trends that come and go quickly. Choose options that will last.



Pantone predicts the hottest color trend for each year. Sometimes these colors are toned down. Other times their loud and flashy to fit the zeitgeist.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with including these colors in your home. Bear in mind that these colors change every year. By using them, you do run the risk of dating your timeless home design. Rather than painting an accent wall ultraviolet try incorporating these colors into your accessories.

The bathroom would be a great place to put these bold and flashy colors. Paint your walls a neutral shade. Beige, gray, or ivory would be a great color. Then, so you don’t have to paint your bathroom every year, replace your shower curtains, floor mats, and, hand towels. These items are relatively inexpensive. If they’ve been well taken care of just any second-hand store would be happy to take them.

If you don’t care about Pantone’s color of the year, there are many other bold colors you can add to your bathroom. Teal, navy blue, and dark green would also look good as an accent color.



Paisleys are beautiful, and flowers make everyone smile. However, if you walk into a home with floral wallpaper and pastel paisleys, everyone is going to know that it’s been a while since the house has been remodeled. If you’re trying to sell your home, this factor might make that a little hard.

Just like with accent colors it’s a good idea to make patterns part of the room’s accessories. Place a chevron throw blanket on the back of the couch. Area rugs are great for the dining room. Consider finding a cross-tee design to place your feet during dinner time.


Natural Materials

The most natural design you can pick in your home is hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring may not be everyone’s favorite material for a floor, but it’s not going out of style any time soon. If you’re going for an antique look walnut or hickory wood is ideal. For a more elegant feel consider a cherry, maple, or, bamboo.

Don’t leave natural materials on the floor. Wood looks great on kitchen cabinets. Even if you’re a fan of carpet, a wooden coffee table will look great in the sitting room.

Natural materials aren’t limited to wood though. Leather seats are great anywhere in the house. Pick a leather kitchen chair. Suede makes a great love seat material.

The kitchen is another great place to add natural material. There are many different types of stone that you can choose. Each one has its purpose.  Granite is great for counter-tops and island bars. Using slate for a backsplash adds elegance to any kitchen.

When you’re considering a timeless look in your home what you’re really aiming for are the classic looks. The ancient Greeks with their stone columns got it right the first time. Trends like dark wood paneling go out of style. If you follow these guidelines, your home will always be the peak of fashion.


PHOTO: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain