Refresh Your Empty Nest

refresh your empty nest

One of the most exciting times in you and your spouse’s lives may be when you send your kids off to college or when they move to apartments or houses of their own. You might find yourself a little sad, yet eager for the possibilities. Maybe you’re looking around your house right now, wondering what kind of updates you can make now that the kids are out of the house. There’s much you can do to make your old house feel new all over again. Take a look at these ideas to refresh your empty nest.


Finer Furniture and Flooring

Have you always been afraid to get new flooring because you didn’t want it dirty or scratched the second your kids stepped foot in the house? Has the thought of pizza sauce and a glass of soda staining a nice new couch given you nightmares? Well, now you have a whole new world of possibilities. Just remember–pets and grandchildren can make messes, too. But you’re now more able to designate “off-limits” rooms or sections of the house. And, if it’s just you and your spouse, go crazy.


A Complete Remodel

Maybe now that you have more breathing room, you see a lot of places where your house needs work or TLC. With fewer schedules to work around, dive into a remodel. A remodel increases your home’s value, so if you eventually decide to downsize and sell, your choices now may pay off later. Tear out a wall to make two small bathrooms into one big one. Open up the room where kids used to watch movies and play video games to make a bright, sophisticated space for entertaining. Ditch the expanses of grass you hate mowing, in favor of your dream patio and outdoor kitchen.


Redecorate Kids’ Rooms

They may hold sentimental value, but your kids’ rooms don’t need to continue looking like high school students live in them. Instead, spruce up these rooms with a fresh coat of paint and new flooring. Ask your children to clear out their old keepsakes, or store them carefully away. If you still want your kids to feel at home when they visit, see if any of their old belongings can be incorporated into being the theme of the room. You could make a decorative display out of them with glass cases or shelving.


Turn Kids’ Rooms into Useful Spaces

Don’t stop at redecorating your children’s empty bedrooms. Why not convert one into a guest room so visitors have a comfortable place to stay? Use another as a hobby room or exercise space. The New York Times says converting an empty room into a small gym is something many parents have done in recent years. But the sky’s the limit for what you choose to do with a now empty room in your house.


Convert an Upstairs Bedroom to a Laundry Room

Is the idea of lugging your laundry from your bedroom to your first floor or your basement a daunting task for you? One of your children’s bedrooms could become an upstairs laundry room if there’s a logical place for a washer/dryer hookup. If you add some storage shelves and a folding counter, it could be a potential selling point if you decide to sell your house in the future.


Even though your kids have flown the coop, your house doesn’t have to be a shrine to them. Give your empty nest the spruce-up it may have needed for some time.


PHOTO: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain