Five Mistakes to Avoid When Buying New Construction

New Construction Mistakes

You can’t deny the genuine excitement over building a new home, no matter the bouts of stress and nerves.  It’s the perfect literal foundation for fresh experiences and reward for your hard work. But amidst the excitement, watch out for common mistakes to avoid when buying new construction. Learn how to achieve the best results possible for your investment and personal preferences.


Not Knowing Your Contractors

Treat the housing industry as you would any other business you’re contracting with. You don’t have to have a personal connection to agents and architects, but get to know who they are. Use the internet for immediate information, research licenses, skills, and references. If you’re unsure about qualifications or background, ask! Anyone involved with building and purchasing real estate should readily answer questions, and reiterate their integrity and professionalism.

At Pendragon Homes, with our transparent process keeps you in the forefront at all times. Whether Aberlin Springs or another of our neighborhoods, our teams consistently reflect the quality assurance and guidance we’re proud to represent.


Feeling Restricted to Certain Details

There’s nothing wrong with buying new construction as-is, typically modeled, yet you’re welcome to incorporate custom details. Speak up about what you do and don’t like. If certain features cannot be modified entirely, discuss possibilities for how to incorporate the components. Realize that reality TV has changed the way that people look for new homes; finished products aren’t so quick and simple. Blueprints are amenable within contractor policies, so even if homes appear cookie-cutter on the surface, there are distinct differences.


Ignoring Schedules

Take note of the schedules outlined in your contract – add dates to your planners, and review as they occur. Excluding emergencies, inclement weather, and unexpected life situations, construction should remain on course. If you can’t be onsite, check-in via phone, text, or Skype. Make sure that you have a backup plan for delays (or faster than planned move) in your move-in schedule. Try to stick to your obligations, especially with inspections, applications, and signings.


Veering Off-Budget when Buying New Construction

Do you know what your dream home’s full financial figure is? In addition to the monthly payments (unless buying outright), consider these expenses in your calculations;

  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Property taxes
  • Exterior and interior maintenance, such as may occur with an energy-efficient luxury home
  • New commuting expenses  

Also, consider items or upgrades on your wishlist that you may be planning for the future. These might also include appliances and DIY details.


Staying Quiet about Modifications or Corrections

Sometimes architectural errors occur, or you change your mind about certain amenities. Speak up about those changes, even if it affects move-in dates or incurs additional charges. Most likely, you’re planning on living in this home long-term, so address any concerns now. Re-confirm all changes in writing, and again, adjust schedules and follow progress.

Buying new construction often plays a significant part in the next chapter of your life. Draft your ideas and budget, and choose one of our floor plans to bring your dream to fruition.


IMAGE: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain