The Seven Hottest Bathroom Design Trends

bathroom design trends

One of the best parts about buying a new, custom home is you get to choose every little detail and make it on-trend and to your taste. On the other hand, if you’re renovating your current house, a great bathroom will set it apart when you need to sell. As with your kitchen or living room, there are certain hot design trends that are highly sought after by home buyers. These are some of the hottest bathroom design trends:


Black Fixtures

According to noted stylist Emily Henderson, anything black is always going to be chic, so why not have a prominent feature of your bathroom (the fixtures) be something that is always going to be trendy? Black fixtures can really make a bathroom pop, especially if the rest of the features in the room are a light color.


Open Ledge Storage

Open ledge storage sounds exactly what it is: shelves added in your bathroom that can hold bathroom products and have them displayed for everyone to see. However, Henderson notes that there are limitations on what should be out on display. She recommends putting more decorative items, like nice soaps, perfumes, or flower vases on the shelves, and hiding items you don’t want people to see in other places.


Abstract/Patterned Wallpaper

People’s eyes are naturally drawn to interesting patterns, so why not give your bathroom an update with some abstract wallpaper? House and Home notes that this trend started in 2017 and is continuing on in 2018. Whether it’s a geometric pattern or an abstract print, the wallpaper can help any outdated bathroom look a lot more renovated.


Statement Drapes

Don’t forget to take care of your bathroom window during a bathroom renovation. If you’re looking for a simple fix to your bathroom, House and Home recommends updating the drapes. Whether your new drapes are a soft pattern design or a bold color, the drapes can drastically update a bathroom for much less than a complete renovation.


Underfloor Heating Systems

Have you ever stepped out of the shower on a cold day and your feet immediately get cold? Well, that’s not a problem anymore with underfloor heating systems, according to Sebring Designs. They can be installed with many common types of flooring, including tile, wood, and vinyl.


High Tech Toilets

Although many homeowners are still using the classic toilets that have been popular for years, Sebring notes that high tech toilets are attracting attention in America. They offer features such as automatic lid openers, seat warmers, slow lid closing, and even wireless music!


Indigo Blue

Looking to add a pop of color to your bathroom? Ideal Home recommends indigo blue. The reason? This color reminds people of beautiful ocean water. In addition, shades of blue are classic bathroom color choices and will insure that your renovation doesn’t go out of style.  


So, if you’re looking for a good bathroom renovation, consider some of these popular design trends. A renovated bathroom is sure to add value to your house, and choosing highly sought features in your renovation will make it even easier for your home to find the right buyer.


PHOTO: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain