Decorating Your Sunroom or Lanai

decorating your sunroom

Whether you call it a sunroom, a lanai, a Florida room or something else, now is the time of year to enjoy it. This indoor-outdoor retreat provides the best of both worlds. Once you’ve made the investment in a sunroom, you want to get a lot of use out of it. Treat it as an extension of your living space and make the most of it. Here are some tips for decorating your sunroom.


Things to Consider When Decorating Your Sunroom

There are almost as many options for decorating these areas as there are for decorating inside your home. You may want to think about these questions and find your answers before you start bringing items into the space.

What is your decorating style? Do you like a cozy cottage style? Are you into a more modern look? The answers to those questions will help guide the styles of items that you bring onto your lanai. That answer may also make it easier to pick out your furniture.

How do you use your outdoor space? If you’re planning on entertaining frequently, you might want to arrange your furniture in a way that makes conversation easy. If you have an expansive yard just off the lanai and you have children or animals, you’ll want to make sure you can see the places where they’ll play.  


Accessories for Your Sunroom

Add a ceiling fan to improve airflow. Even with plentiful screens, you sunroom won’t always get a breeze. You may be surprised at the difference a ceiling fan can make to your comfort. There is a wide variety of ceiling fan styles available, many of them Energy Star-rated to minimize electricity use. Choose one with lights to light your sunroom after sunset and get even more use out of it. This Old House recommends choosing a fan up to 36 inches for rooms up to 100 square feet, and 42 inches for up to 200 square feet.

Consider the floors. With tile or concrete, keep in mind that in rainy weather, the floor can get wet and slippery. If you’re interested in adding a rug, indoor/outdoor carpeting is waterproof and shouldn’t mildew if cared for properly. It might even reduce the potential of a fall. Use a rug pad underneath, vacuum frequently, and spot clean any spills promptly.

Add privacy with curtains. Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes want a little privacy. The great thing about curtains is that when you need to see the larger yard, it’s easy to do – just push the curtains back. When you want privacy, or to keep bugs away from your conversation space, pull the curtains closed. HGTV suggests a simple installation with galvanized metal pipes. You’ll want to make sure that the drapes you use are made to resist fading and mildew. If you use curtains specifically created for outdoor use, those shouldn’t be issues that you have to deal with.


Arranging Your Sunroom

Match furniture styles to the rest of the house. This tip comes from Better Homes and Gardens, and it’s an important one because it’ll help your sunroom or lanai feel like an extension of your indoor living space. As SFGate points out, this space will share a wall, door, and maybe a window, with the rest of your home, so do not ignore it. It’s a great opportunity to add a little color to your home, or to keep with the theme inside, using the same general color scheme.

Create defined activity zones. If you have a large area, create different zones, where users can do different things. You can add a small dining space, a reading nook, or a conversation space with interesting pieces.


Your sunroom is a great place to relax in comfort while also getting a taste of the outdoors. You’re relatively protected from the elements, and you still get fresh air and a view. Why not make sure that space is everything you want it to be, with careful planning and decoration?


PHOTO: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain