Pet Furniture with Style

pet furniture

We humans can get pretty creative with our own living spaces, but what about the living spaces for our four-legged friends? Scratching posts and pet cages can be a real eyesore if you’re not sure how to incorporate them into your decor. Lucky for you, Pendragon is here to help. Use these tips and tricks to include your pet furniture so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.


A Place to Call Their Own

Sometimes, like humans, our pets need some time to themselves, says So keep your dog crate easily accessible to your furry friend. As humans, this may sound strange because we associate crates with restricting the dog’s movement. We might use it as transport to the vet or a place to keep the dog so it doesn’t piddle on the carpet overnight. Your pet, on the other hand, may consider it a haven. Like our own bedrooms, it provides a nice, private place for some “me time.”

This area doesn’t have to be separate from the rest of the house. You can keep it right in your general living area so your pet can stay close to you. Beds, crates, scratching posts, you name it–these little comforts are easy to disguise as part of your regular home decor.



Crates, especially large ones, can be bulky and unsightly. Luckily, crates come in all different shapes and styles and now you can even find one that will match your decor! Shop online or at your local pet store. Look for nice wooden framed crates with your choice of finish. Guests will only see an end table not a dog crate. Should you ever need to keep your pup out of a particular area, some of these crates even double as room gates.

Another choice is to have a crate built in. It might be part of the shelving in a family room or playroom or fit under a counter in a mudroom.



If you don’t put your pet in a crate when you’re gone or asleep you can get a pet bed with similar features. Often these beds look similar to a night stand with a magazine rack. It offers a cozy spot for your cat or small dog. 

You don’t have to disguise your pet furniture, though. Pet beds come in every conceivable color and pattern. If you don’t mind your pet bed standing out or if you have a whimsical decor, one source of beds is Another idea is, if you are ordering new furniture, get a pet bed upholstered in the same fabric as your couch or chairs.



Every dog owner knows what it’s like bringing in your four legged pal on a rainy day. They track in mud and shake the water everywhere! What if you gave your pet their very own room? That’s what Love That Pet suggests if your building or remodeling your home. In fact, so many Californians loved the idea a local homebuilding company decided to offer “pet suites” as part of their building plans.

A pet suite can be built on any part of your house, but typically they are connected to the back door, garage, or laundry room. Your pet suite might include a washing station, automatic food dispenser, or a storage area for treats and toys.

The room should be done in easy-to-wash surfaces like tile or linoleum flooring. The walls can be painted with a stain resistant finish, and the cabinets vinyl. This way should your pooch come in from a rainy day and get the room muddy and dirty clean up is a cinch!


Cat Towers

Our feline snuggle bugs love to climb. You may struggle to keep them off of the counters and tables. Give them their own towers to climb. These can also provide a place to scratch–another natural behavior–and to look out windows. Towers today come in a variety of colors to match your decor. Check ebay or Etsy for designers who custom-build them. This way you can create a shape that fits perfectly into that empty corner of the family room.

You can skip the tower and attach climbing platforms directly to the wall. Or feed your kitten’s natural desire to climb and play by setting up a fun obstacle course. NY Daily News reports that Stefan Hofmann, a carpenter from Germany, did this for his cats. It’s a great way to entertain them, give them exercise, and distract them from your furniture. Their antics also provide entertainment for you and your family!


Litter Boxes

Even litter boxes can look attractive! Don’t believe us? Check out this 2012 article from Apartment Therapy. It highlights litter boxes that double as benches, tables, or plant stands. Just keep it clean or the smell will give you away!


Our furry little friends are not just pets. They are part of our family and they deserve the best! So why not give them the best by incorporating their living space into our everyday lives. Don’t keep leave your pets out of the your living area. Bring them in and keep their living quarters just as stylish as you!


PHOTO: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain