Bring the Outdoors in This Spring

bring the outdoors in

For a majority of the U.S., spring cannot come soon enough. Spring marks the end of cold temperatures, shoveling snow and the need to warm up our cars in the morning. Spring also provides a happy medium temperature-wise; it’s almost too nice to only be enjoyed indoors. Unfortunately, we can’t spend ALL of our time outdoors. Fortunately, there are ways to savor the joys of spring even when you’re inside. It just takes some creativity and an artistic eye. You and your guests will know it’s spring whether you’re out on your deck or in your living room. Here are eight ways to bring the outdoors in this spring.


1. Use Natural Materials

Southern Living suggests using natural materials such as leather, natural linen, wicker and rich woods in your home. Such materials will give your house and organic sensibility to it. For example, a natural wooden kitchen or dining room table will be a pleasant reminder of the outside neighboring woods. Plus, natural materials are in style.


2. Add Potted Plants

What better way to bring the outside indoors than to mimic the surroundings? Decorating your home with plants adds an outside element to your house and makes your home feel a little cozier. Spring is a great time to start plants in pots that you can plant outdoors once there become more strong and hearty.


3. Embrace Natural Light

There are also some non-decorative ways to get springtime into your home without decorating at all. One of them is to simply open your windows. Doing so will allow natural light and fresh air into your house, making it feel like spring. Plus, the exposure to the natural elements can invigorate and relax you.


4. Add a Splash of Outdoor Colors

The colors of your walls can add certain vibes to your home—including an outdoor one. Interior designers see green as the perfect color to bring hints of the outdoors into your home. If you opt for a bright green paint, offset the vibrancy with a piece of neutral furniture. Meanwhile, yellow is an uplifting color that can add the feeling of sunshine into your home.


5. Bring in Spring Scents

You can feel spring when it rolls around because of the warmer temperatures and you can see it as the tree leaves get greener. Spring also brings a new smell too, whether from the growing grass or blooming flowers. Incorporating such scents at home is another great way to bring the outdoors in. Make your home smell like the new season with scents like lavender, roses, peonies or any flower. When people step into your home, the additional scents will make them feel like they are still outside.


6. Get Decorative

Bringing spring into your home could be as simple as making your home “look” like the season with artwork and decorations. Look for posters or photographs that depict spring that you could hang up around the house. You could also put up removable wallpaper with a floral pattern or bright colors. Bright throws and pillows add still more splashes of colors.


7. Put Produce on Display

What says the beginning of spring more than that first new crop of fruits and vegetables? When the weather gets nicer, check out your local farmer’s market for some fresh produce. You’ll support your community by buying local goods. Plus, a bowl of fruit or fresh veggies can look very decorative in the kitchen or on your dining room table.


8.  Clean

There must be a reason there’s a “spring cleaning” but not a fall, summer or winter cleaning we all hear about, right? Since spring has been the season linked to tidying up, use the time to declutter your house, dust, air out the rugs, wash your curtains and more. A tidier home may not make it look like spring is inside, but the cleanliness throughout the house will make it feel more fresh, which is a perfect metaphor for spring.


PHOTO: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain