Why Spring is a Great Time to Start Building a Home

start building a home in spring

Ah, spring — the time when birds sing, tulips bloom, trees blossom, and… foundations get poured! You don’t need to wait until summer to begin building. See why spring can be a great time to start building a home.


Weather’s Impact on Building a Home

The best time to build a house is when it’s dry and cool. When the ground is wet and frozen, builders have difficulty, especially when laying a foundation. Summer is often too hot, but it’s usually when builders are busiest.

However, late spring can be a great time to build after the ground has thawed and the constant downpours let up. The process of building a home may take longer in the spring because of weather interruptions. Contractors may try to get the walls up as soon as possible so that others can work inside during the rain.

You’ll also end up saving money starting in spring because crews may charge more in sending crews out into the cold.


Your Building Timeline

Building in the spring puts you ahead of the game and up in the waiting list for contractors to work on your house. This way, you’re not competing with other home builders, and you won’t be put off until late summer or even fall when you wanted to start in the spring.

By the time winter rolls around, you’ll probably be ready to move in after the final inspection. Maybe sooner, maybe later. Sure, no one wants to move in the winter, but you can layer! And you’ll sweat it out.

It’s also a good idea to carefully budget your new house so that no issues arise in the building process. That way, the builders can finish your house as soon as possible and finish in the fall or winter. This will also give you the winter to plan your landscaping for the next spring.


Though summer is the most popular time, you can build any time of the year. You can even build in the rainy season of spring, especially if your builders have the capacity and experience to do so.


PHOTO: Paul Brennan / CC0 Public Domain