How to Plan a Wedding in Your Home

wedding in your home

You’ve invested well and you live in a beautiful home where family and friends feel welcome. You’ve lovingly decorated each square foot to your own unique taste. Now, you’ve received exciting news that your child or grandchild is engaged! Why not make it personal and memorable by hosting in your own house? Read on for some ideas for how to host a wedding in your home — whether the ceremony, reception, or both.


The Guest List

When planning an at-home wedding it’s important keep in mind the number of people you can fit comfortably. If the weather takes a turn for the worse will the inside of your home be able to fit everyone you invite? It can be hard a hard conversation but discuss any limitations with the bride and groom early.


Hire Help

You’ll want to enjoy yourself too, so free yourself from any extra work. The engaged couple’s wedding planner can help you figure out what additional help you will need. Consider valets, restroom attendants, child care professionals for a children’s area, and even someone to keep an eye on your pets.


Plan the Space

Your vendors will need to know what kind of space they’re working with. For the ceremony, you will need to plan the wedding party’s entrances. Choose dressing rooms with a mind to how the bride and bridesmaids will make their way to the start of the “aisle.” The caterer will need to know what kind of kitchen space you have. The DJ will benefit from knowing where they will be located. And the photographer will be able to know the best angles in which to take pictures and what extra lighting they require. Work with the bride and groom and wedding planner to figure out the best layout and traffic flow.


Prepare Your Yard

Prepping your landscape can take the most time. If you want certain flowers to be in full bloom you’ll need to research the best times of year to plant them. Then, make sure your lawn itself is ready for guests. Your landscaper may recommend a heartier blend of grasses than you currently have. Make sure to treat for insects as well.


Remodels and Upgrades

This can be a great time to splurge on a change you’ve wanted to make. Remodel your landscaping or renovate your kitchen. Some potential changes could serve not just appearances but actually open more space for guests. Small things like taking out a wall could make a considerable difference when it comes to making room for all of your guests. Remember to consider whether or not you have enough room in your kitchen for the caterer. You may need to add counter space or install a larger fridge and stove. A final tip: This may not be the time to replace your carpet, especially if you’re serving red wine!


Rent High-Quality Equipment

The wedding planner will know the best vendors, but of course, you and the engaged couple want a say. Make sure you can count on any equipment to work well and to look great in your home or yard.

A Backup Generator

Supporting a large speaker system and multiple extra AC units can use up a lot of electricity. To make sure you don’t blow a fuse get a backup generator.

A Dance Floor

While your lawn will be nicely groomed for this occasion the ground may not be exactly level. The company you rent the flooring from should be able to accommodate for any unevenness in the lawn. This will also keep your heels from sinking into the ground.

Additional Restroom Facilities

According to The Knot the average guest uses the bathroom at least 3 times. Even with a large number of bathrooms in your home, you may need extra space. Comfortable, clean “port-a-potties” are available to rent. They feature with sinks, warm water, adequate lighting, and some even include air conditioning. Make it a little homier by including a basket with air freshener, a mirror, feminine hygiene products, and hairspray.



Finding enough parking is crucial. If you don’t have enough lawn space for both cars and people hire a valet service or a parking lot attendant. Seek permission from a nearby church or school to use their parking lot. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors try asking them to use their driveway. Even if they don’t allow you to park guest cars maybe they would at least let you park yours there for the day to free more space for guests.


If you plan for guest to park on the street, get a permit. You do not want your celebration interrupted by finding out your guests are getting fined or towed. You could hire someone to drive a golf cart up and down the street to assist guests from their cars to the house. Again, check whether you need permission to do so.


Make a Backup Plan

Always make a backup plan. Toilets sometimes overflow or furnaces sometimes break down without warning. If something happens, you will need somewhere else to go. Be sure to let your guests know where they can find the information if anything should change.

If you are lucky enough to live in or near Aberlin Springs, our Morrow, Ohio, farm-to-table community, keep us in mind. Don’t just think of it as a backup! Consider having the wedding ceremony at home and the reception in our European courtyard. We even offer three bedrooms for the bridal party. Surrounded by woodlands, grazing pastures, a fishing pond, and gardens, our venue offers a truly unique spot that will make for beautiful memories.


Hosting a wedding in your home can make for lifelong memories and gorgeous photos to pass down to future generations. Let your beloved young couple start their life together in a special location.



PHOTO: PXHere / CC0 Public Domain