Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Start Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning in winter

They say you should deep clean your home at least once a year. Most of us know this as spring cleaning. But by the time warmer weather arrives, who wants to stay indoors? That’s why we suggest getting a head start on your spring cleaning. You’re already stuck inside, so why not take full advantage of it and deep clean your home now? You’ll find there are many benefits to doing so.


A Clean Home is a Happy Home

Although winter is a beautiful season, unfortunately for many, it brings seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Although the cause for SAD is unknown many doctors attribute it to a lack of sunlight. Without the proper amount of sunlight our body doesn’t absorb as much Vitamin D. It also doesn’t create as much serotonin or melatonin, which influence our moods and sleeping patterns.


If you are dealing with symptoms of SAD why not try cleaning to beat the winter blues? If you’ve got an itch to start cleaning don’t wait till spring to scratch it. The clutter around your home may actually contribute to your seasonal affective disorder. Cleaning may not eliminate the symptoms completely, but it could certainly help!


Out With the Old

Winter is a great time to go through your old clothes. Lounging under a blanket is a cozy way to stay warm. But moving around keeps you warm too! Get active by going through your wardrobe. Try on the clothes you haven’t worn in a while. If it doesn’t fit, or you just don’t like it anymore, toss it out! You can do this for both your winter and your summer wardrobe.


We definitely don’t blame you if you want to stay under the blanket. The nice thing about tackling some of these cleaning duties is that you don’t always have to get off the couch. If you’ve got a junk drawer or box of things you haven’t looked at in a few years, take this time to go through them. Normally these items are pretty easy to move so you can just bring them to you. You may find a few lost treasures. A decluttering rule of thumb is if you haven’t used within the last 6-12 months you aren’t going to. Donate those items to your favorite charity, or sell them at a consignment shop.


Selling Your Home

If you know you’re moving in the near future, remember spring is a popular time to buy and sell houses. More specifically, The Huffington Post states that most houses sell between May 1 and May 15.  By taking the time to clean now, you’re one step ahead of the selling game.


The winter months are a great time to start indoor renovations. Paint the walls a color that will help sell your home. Replace the carpet if it’s out of style or showing its years. Change any outdated or broken light fixtures. Dust the hard-to-reach areas. All of these tasks seem small but if you wait until the last minute you’ll add anxiety to an already stressful situation.


Cleaning Tips

When you get ready to tackle a project like this it’s hard to know where to begin. By following these tips you can dive right in.


Start Small

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start a big project like spring cleaning. We just came out of a huge holiday season so a lot of clutter may have built up in short time. Set aside a couple times a week to work on the task for short periods.


Flylady, a cleaning blogger, suggests implementing “baby steps.” Choose one target area and focus on that until it’s clean. If you struggle to stay focused on the task she suggests setting aside an hour. Work on the “hot spot” for 15 minutes then do something else for 15 minutes. When those 15 minutes are up, refocus on the cleaning and, before you know it, the job is done.



Before starting any new cleaning projects the best thing to do is declutter. So, if you still have your Christmas tree up, take it down and put away all of the decorations. Go through the mail piled up on your kitchen table and recycle what you can. Without the clutter, you can see what needs a good, deep clean.


Routine Cleaning

After decluttering, go about your daily or weekly cleaning tasks. Wipe down the sink, scrub the toilet, and run the vacuum cleaner. Just a friendly reminder that when you’re dusting or wiping down counters always start high and finish low. Backtracking can be frustrating.


Move Bulky Appliances

Blenders and mixers are handy to have out when you’re ready to use them, but do you use them on a daily basis? If not, free up some counter space by putting those bulky appliances in a cabinet or cupboard. You’ll really come to appreciate the extra counter space.


Things that Really Should Wait for Springtime

The Simply Organized Home suggests keeping things like deep cleaning the oven, cleaning out the window sills, and shaking out rugs for when spring really does come around. Or at least wait for an unseasonably warm day. These tasks have to potential to cause smoke and dust. Open the windows to let in fresh air.


There’s no time like the present! So why wait until spring to start your deep cleaning? Sure, motivation may be lacking during the winter. But when warmer weather comes around wouldn’t you rather be outside playing with your family or going for a hike? Take our advice and start your spring cleaning now! You won’t regret it.

PHOTO: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain