10 Ways to Fight Cabin Fever

fight cabin fever

This winter is shaping up to be pretty harsh for much of the United States. But this cold weather doesn’t mean you and your family have to stay stuck inside all winter. In fact, there are many ways to spend the day adventuring through the snow. The best part is that the fun doesn’t have to end when you come inside. With a little imagination, you can fight cabin fever right inside your own home!


Indoor Activities

When the weather gets too cold it’s hard to fight off the urge to just stay under nice warm covers all day. After a while though, even that gets boring. So, throw off that blanket and get ready to have some fun!


1. Learn a New Hobby

If you’re not quite ready to get out from under the cozy blankets but you are feeling antsy try learning how to do something new. Knitting or crocheting are great ways to keep yourself warm in the winter months. If this interests you check out the website All Free Crochet. They offer many free patterns for beginners and experts! You can also try painting models or master the skill of baking!

2. Bake Some Tasty Treats

Speaking of baking, making cookies can be fun for the whole family! Make them in different shapes and sizes. You can find all kinds of unique cookie cutters and cake molds at the store and online. Besides, who doesn’t love licking the spoon after all the icing has been spread?

3. Have an Indoor Snowball Fight

On the days when the temperature is in the single digits being outside for a long time isn’t exactly ideal. But, when there’s fresh snow on the ground it’s hard to fight the urge to have a good ol’ snowball fight! Have a snowball fight inside instead. Use wadded up paper or balled up socks instead of snow. Or if you have the time make your own snowballs out of yarn. Instructables.com has an easy how-to guide. They suggest using canned goods but you can also use old gift cards or rewards cards.

4. Pretend You’re at the Beach

Of course, there’s no real substitute for basking in the sun with your toes in the sand but you can sure pretend! Crank up the heat, put on a swimsuit, play your favorite summer tunes, and act like you’re at a pool party in July. To add authenticity include your favorite summertime drinks like lemonade or iced tea.

5. Bring the Snow to You

When the snow has freshly fallen it can be hard to stay out of it but sometimes the temperature is just too low. When that’s the case bring the snow inside! Happyhooligans.com has many fun ideas of how you can play with the snow at your kitchen table.


Outdoor Activities

When you’re ready to head outside be sure to bundle up but be prepared to have many adventures.

1. Take a Walk in the Woods

If you like hiking in warmer weather going for a walk in the winter can be just as thrilling. Take a camera with you to capture the breathtaking winter landscape. This can be a romantic little getaway or a fun journey for your family. Your kids will love finding the different animal tracks as you trek through the snow.

2. Sledding

An oldie but a goodie. You can’t go wrong with taking your family sledding. Plus walking up the hill all day is a great way to get some exercise!

3. Go Exploring

When the road conditions aren’t too bad hop in the car and set off in a random direction. Cruise around until you get to a part of town you’ve never been in. Once you find an interesting place park and explore on foot. It’s a fun way to find the hidden gems in your city. Even if the area is familiar seeing it covered can give you a whole new perspective.

4. Make a Campfire

Bonfires are fun to gather around no matter what time of year it is. Just grab a thermos of hot cocoa and marshmallows for toasting and you’re ready to go!

5. Museums

If you want to get out of the house but don’t want to be outside head into a local museum. It can be a nice quiet date at the art museum. Or you can take your little ones to a children’s museum. Either way it’s a nice way to get out of the house but still stay indoors.


Whether you stay inside or explore the great outdoors there are many ways to avoid cabin fever. All it takes is a little imagination and you can have a winter you’ll never forget!


IMAGE: Andreas Lischka / CC0 Public Domain