Creative Uses for That Spare Room

spare room

If you have an extra room in your house odds you likely use it as a spare room. If you love hosting guests then it probably comes in handy. However, if you don’t host very many get-togethers then this room goes unused a vast majority of the time.

Maybe you just bought a new house and the idea of an extra room (or two) has you overwhelmed with possibilities. Or a child has moved out and left behind an empty bedroom. If you’re passionate about a hobby or just want a place to relax why not rethink your spare room’s potential? Continue reading for our favorite spare room ideas.


1. Hobby or Game Room

What is your favorite hobby? Hobbies like cosplaying, woodworking, and photography can take a lot of space and get messy. Why not change that spare room into a hobby room, whatever that may be? This is a fantastic space to consolidate all of your hobby supplies so they aren’t scattered around your home or taking up office space. Modify closets with storage containers or hanging storage, depending on the hobby. Add lighting that allows you to see your work clearly. If you prefer film over digital photography, you might even convert that space into a darkroom. If you and your family like games, set up tables, chairs or gaming equipment to suit your interest. Be sure to check out our post on the must-haves for a family game room, too!


2. Office Space

If you work from home but don’t have an office it can be pretty hard to maintain work/life balance. Changing that spare room into an office is a great way to keep that balance. You can make this change quickly and at a relatively low cost.

If you don’t work from home but still want a space just for technology try a computer room instead of an office. This could be a very versatile area. You can use the room to take care of the family finances but when you’re done use it as a gaming room.


3. Exercise Studio

A home gym is probably one of the first ideas most people think of for their spare room. You don’t need a bunch of expensive workout equipment, though. Consider turning it into a yoga, pilates, or dance studio. Spruce up this room with real hardwood floors, tile flooring, or vinyl that looks like wood. Work out on your own or invest in a personal home instructor. You might also install an internet-enabled television to stream workout videos or motivating music.


4. Home Library

If your favorite part of Beauty and The Beast is when Belle is given the library why not make a dream come true in your own home? Feel free to drool over these libraries that found. Then get inspired and start planning your very own reading nook!


5. Planting Room

If you have a green thumb and an unused sunroom then a planting room might be right for you. A sink would come in handy for washing off the fruits and veggies from your garden. If it’s right off the kitchen, then adding plumbing will be easy. It’s also a great place to keep your gardening tools. For a final touch add climate control so you can use the room year round!


6. Play Room

Whether you have little ones yourself or invite your grandkids over, a playroom can minimize the clutter around your house. Use chalkboard paint on the walls. Kids will love being able to draw on them. It even comes magnetized so they can learn numbers and the alphabet by playing with refrigerator magnets. We can’t guarantee the toys will stay in the room but at least when it’s time to put them away they’ll have a dedicated spot.


7. Meditation or Prayer Space

It can be easier to relax and clear your mind when you designate a specific spot for meditation or prayer. Add a few plants, a zen garden, or other images that inspire you. Set up a speaker system for music if you like. Install soft lighting and diffusers for relaxing scents.


Whatever use you choose, make it your own. Turn your special room into a place that you or another member of your family can use as a retreat or a source of creative inspiration.


PHOTO: Nanette Turner / CC-SA 2.0