6 Tips and Tricks to Selling Your Home During the Winter

selling your home winter

The winter is the most challenging season for selling your home. Few people want to leave their own houses, let alone find a new one to move all their stuff into. However, sometimes life throws curveballs and people need to move. Here are some ways to make yours look like the one to buy!

1. Lighting is key

With the dull, drab tones and shorter days of winter outside, it’s crucial for your house to be lit well. Light makes your house look livelier and warmer. Ensure that no space goes unlit in your house. Recessed lights make spaces pop. Don’t neglect the exterior either! Landscape lights add depth and showcase the house after sunset.

2. Keep your heat on

When selling your home, you may not live there any longer. Yet you need your house to feel warm and cozy to people who want to be warm and cozy in winter. If they’re cold, they may think there’s an insulation problem or they’ll be miserable and think of the house as being miserable to match.

3. Make it look like a home

If your house is completely empty of furniture, it can leave too much to the imagination. Psychologically, that emptiness can inhibit someone from feeling warm and exhibit loneliness in the cold winter months. The house should feel lived in, even if it’s only a couple rooms. Rooms used more in the winter should be staged to look like it. Think mugs and dessert plates at the kitchen table, a fire in the fireplace and a wine bottle and glasses at the coffee table. If you don’t have a knack for interior decorating, consider hiring a professional stager.

4. There is a season…

Make a photo album of your house’s exterior during all seasons from different sides. It’s hard to imagine a house in the winter, especially with deciduous plants in the landscaping. Photo albums also give a quaint, familial home touch to the house, mimicking a family photo album.

5. Be flexible

Understanding that the buyer may have scheduling issues with families and their own moving issues, be prepared to act quickly or slowly and be available morning, noon, and night. Selling the house yourself can be a way to avoid scheduling conflicts with a real estate agent, if necessary.

6. Avoid over-decorating

It’s tempting, but avoid most decorations, especially religious-themed ones. Simple winter themes, like evergreen and statues of woodland critters, add the perfect seasonal rustic flair to bring what’s lively about outside in.


With this advice, you’re more likely to have success in selling your home in the winter!


IMAGE: Jill Wellington / CC0 Public Domain