2018 Kitchen Trends to Start Thinking About Now

2018 kitchen trends

Major innovations change the way we use and build kitchens. As many embrace space-saving designs, others look for functionality. Quartz and marble countertops, white walls and hardwood (or faux-hardwood) floors remain classic kitchen staples. Yet the daring and bold create the trends. Here’s what 2018 kitchen trends you can start thinking about we wind down 2017.


Thinking Big

Kitchens are getting larger as more people realize the value of them. Large and open kitchen designs allow more natural light and give more space for mingling and cooking. The kitchen acts as a social hub of any gathering, so space and flow matter. Dining rooms are fusing into kitchen designs to optimize the natural social space. Open and inviting designs bring people in, whether they’re family, friends or soon-to-be friends. As kitchen grow larger, so do the sinks. Deep and wide sinks allow for more effective use.


Recessed Lighting

A major kitchen trend from 2017 will continue in the future: recessed lighting. Choose unique designs with hidden fixtures and adjust light levels. Bulb performance levels rise, even as they become smaller. That space meant for bigger light bulbs now means more space for cabinetry. There’s no need to sacrifice quality lighting for style, either. With energy-efficient bulbs as standard now, LED lights also conserve energy.



Cohesive designs are big among 2018 kitchen trends. Companies are rethinking appliances and cabinetry design. This year, you will hardly be able to tell where the cabinetry ends and appliances begin. Customizable refrigeration drawers offer the most exciting opportunities. Your refrigeration unit can look exactly like the rest of your cabinetry… until you open it. Sub-Zero and Monogram lead kitchen innovation with their under-counter refrigeration options. Other appliance companies are following or soon will.


Straight Lines

Sleek, metallic looks offer visually modern appeal. They aren’t only contemporary, though, they’re timeless. They’re usually easier to clean, too! Similarly, geometric patterns feature in backsplash tiles, wallpaper, and paint. These straight-line, cold elements may seem industrial and uninviting. However, natural accents like hand-carved wood bowls or moss art can contrast those aspects. Keep your natural elements since green accents will continue trending in 2018.



Consumers look to consolidate to maximize space the use of space. Many companies now offer more adjustable organization tools built into cabinets. Many of these innovations allow easier access and natural organization. They  turn the kitchen into a user-friendly comfort zone, rather than a frustrating and disorganized cross-section.


2018 kitchen trends look to bring comfort and community into the home. The latest design techniques invite homeowners to create personal and personalized kitchen spaces with classic looks for the future. Whether you’re designing from scratch with a new custom home or updating your current home, embrace these trends for a kitchen that makes an impression.


PHOTO: Kirk Fisher / CC0 Public Domain