Luxury Holiday Decorating Trends

holiday decorating trends

The ethereal radiance to the winter holidays almost defies explanation. The effervescent smells of pine and baked goods are amplified by the holiday aesthetic. As you prepare your house and yard for winter, holiday decorating trends follow close behind. This year, we bid our goodbyes to quirky decor and opt for an au naturale and minimalist finish. Read on for this season’s brightest decorating trends.


White Christmas

White may be a universal color in the name of a minimalist aesthetic. It brings to mind snow and all things pure—what Christmas is all about. For Christmas decor, choose white as a base color. The task of putting together your own holiday flair is easier from there. Any color accents pop against a white background, making your decor more elegant and luxurious.


Go Green

Nature has easily become the biggest and most consistent trend this year. The holidays are no exception. Although greeneries have always been the staple of Christmas decor, home-styling gurus say the au naturale aesthetic will be amplified this year. Evergreen boughs, garlands, wreaths, pinecones, pine needles, and citrus are some of the greeneries to play with this season. You can go as far as putting dangling wreaths on top of your dining table for a more nature-immersive holiday gathering.


Glitz and Glam

In case you are one who dislikes subtle statements, there is still room for you to play. Incorporating white and green doesn’t mean you have to stay away from shiny things. Accentuate your living space with gilded pinecones and sparkly decor. The key to pulling off an urban-nature aesthetic is to balance greens with golds.


A Show of Craftsmanship

With the emergence of a generation that is highly creative and resourceful, DIY is here to stay. Homeowners by the thousands are resorting to DIY decor because of its practicality. Talk about saving yourself from the hustle and bustle of shopping malls. Besides, creating your own decor allows you to express yourself through art. Turn old fabrics into custom wreaths that represents you in the best way possible. And opt for a more personal touch on your dining table decorations with a personalized napkin ring.


Outdoor Decor

This is the time of the year for you to experiment with outdoor decor. Wrap your porch as a present. Don’t be afraid to play with boughs, wreaths, and garlands. In the name of sustainability and practicality, abandon the miles of colored lights and kitschy inflatables. This year, arches are making a stylistic comeback. Welcome your guests with a flair with garland-wrapped arches in front of your home.


Light Up with Lanterns

DIY lanterns are still in-trend for this year’s holiday season. Don’t forget to fill yours with greens and shiny ornaments. Top off your homemade lantern with a ribbon in a color of your choice for an elegant finish. You can put these lanterns in random nooks and crannies of your home. Opt for a fancier entryway by putting small homemade lanterns in the foyer.


Wreaths on the Windowsill

Go a little extra on the outdoor decor by adorning your windowsills with wreaths and pines! Make your own or buy them from local artisans. Choose handmade, unique pieces rather than mass-produced ones.


Christmas Trees

The star of the holiday seasons doesn’t have to a recluse. In case you’re afraid to make a mess in your home, you can opt to put your tree outside. Make your front porch special with an actual Christmas tree. Bathe it in lights, cones, and flowers, and yours will be the grandest porch this year.



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