Eight Signs You Love Your Neighborhood

two smiling women on a sunny neighborhood back porch, one playing the guitar

Many people dream of finding the ideal home in the perfect neighborhood surrounded by great friends. Some people get lucky enough to realize that dream. When you live a busy life, working and raising a family, you may not always stop to smell the roses. Even when there are literal roses lining your beautiful street. So take a minute to think about the assets all around you and if you find that you truly love your neighborhood — celebrate!


You Love Your Neighborhood If…

  1. You wave to everyone you see as you drive down your street. Adults, children, the mail carrier, that cat in someone’s living room window. They all make your community what it is, and you appreciate them.
  2. You walk your children to school even though they don’t need you to; you just love walking around the neighborhood. Living in a walkable community brings a range of benefits. So take advantage of well-kept sidewalks and tree-lined streets. Enjoy the sights and sounds right outside your door.
  3. When a house in your neighborhood goes on the market, you tell all of your friends and relatives they should consider buying it. You want to share the benefits with everyone you know.
  4. You and your neighbors check on each other in times of need. Whether someone needs help shoveling snow from their walk or picking up their sick child from school, you all have each other’s backs. You never hesitate to ask if somebody needs something, and you’re comfortable asking for help in return.
  5. Halloween is the best! You can’t wait to see what all your neighbors’ kids will dress as, and maybe you even put on a costume yourself. Then you happily take your own children from door to door or stay home to hand out top-notch candy. Either way, you try to make sure everyone has a ball.
  6. You greet shopkeepers by name. When you live in walking distance to amenities like bookstores, coffee shops, and produce stands, you tend to visit them often. You and your family get to know the local merchants and treat them as part of the community.
  7. You’re planning your next cookout and it’s only January. As a seasoned host or hostess, you’ve designed your outdoor space for entertaining and you put it to good use. 
  8. You’re about to share this post on Facebook to tell your friends, “Yes! I love my neighborhood!”


PHOTO: Pexels / CCo Public Domain