Home Building Trends for 2017 and Beyond

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You’re building a new home. Congratulations! Now comes the fun part — choosing all of the options. It can be hard to know where to start. You want to adopt the latest styles and features, but also protect your investment. The decorating and building trends below are not only hot but sure to last a while.


Voice-Activated Home Assistants

In January, Business Insider said 2017 was poised to be the “Year of Alexa.” Products such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home cater to busier lives and increased interest in home efficiency.

These devices are commonly used to control thermostats, manage home security, play music throughout the house, and much more. Build your home with connection points already in mind. Move in and hit the ground running with a “smart” home.


Tricked-Out Laundry and Mud Rooms

Media sources cite laundry rooms as an area for splurging these days. Think about storage and counter space. Choose appliances that make life easier. Even enlist that virtual assistant to help out. Forbes reports, “Design tricks to bring in more light, smarter storage and better function resonate with homeowners who realize that since they spend a lot of time doing laundry, why not do it in a space that makes them feel good?” A quick Pinterest search will turn up miles of inspiration for how to personalize your laundry room or mud room.


Outdoor Living Spaces

Architect Magazine predicts that this already-underway trend will continue for the next decade. People are embracing and embellishing spaces like outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas. Decking manufacturer Trex predicts, “2017 will bring more useful appliances to outdoor spaces, including sinks, refrigerators, cabinets …and more.”

Beyond appliances, you can choose from a huge variety of outdoor furniture options and seek out lighting that makes your space functional after sunset. Also consider an outdoor fireplace or firepit.


Bringing the Outdoors In

Complementing other building trends like the one above, many homeowners embrace the outdoors by bringing them in. During colder weather, you can still feel the calming effects of nature by decorating with natural materials like wood and stone.

Forbes also describes the popularity of showers that create the feeling of the outdoors. Color authority Pantone reports that even the color green–specifically its Color of the Year, greenery, plays a prominent role in current design.


Increased Accessibility

As Baby Boomers age and more people live in multi-generation households, accessibility for older residents becomes increasingly important. Think about ease of movement between levels both inside and outside the home. Consider whether doorways need to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers. Consider how light switches, door knobs, and faucet handles function for each family member. HGTV offers suggestions for how to capitalize on these building trends while looking fashionable.


More Compact Design

Smaller homes are more energy efficient, fit into established developed areas, and provide flexibility. An aging population is downsizing. These cultural forces lead to not only smaller, but smarter, more efficient layout of homes. Fortune identified this trend back in 2015 and it doesn’t appear to be going away.


Energy Efficiency

Architect Magazine found that sixty percent of architecture firms anticipate that water efficiency will be one of the top client sustainability priorities in the coming decade. These firms are also planning for increasing demand for energy-efficient lighting and automation that better manages energy use. As smarter technology becomes available, homeowners will continue to become more tuned into their impact on the world around them, choosing more efficient options.


A Touch of Glam

The Pantone Color Institute has already issued its design predictions for 2018. These include some “glam” touches such as iridescent accents, metallics, and fringe.

While these options might not interest everyone, you can try them on a small scale and then phase them out if your interest wanes.


What never goes out of style? Making your home your own! Choose personalized options that really show your family’s uniqueness. Create beautiful surroundings that you’ll love to call home.


PHOTO: Gerd Altmann / CC0 Public Domain