Things to Consider When Moving to a New City

moving to a new city

So, you want to try living in a new city! Whether you make the move for a job offer or a change of scenery, you have a lot to consider. Cost of living and safety often top the list, but think through everything. Moving means a big lifestyle change. We don’t want you to forget anything so we made a … Read More

Ranch vs Two-Story: What is the Ideal House For You?

ranch vs two-story

“Everything old is new again.” The song’s lyrics apply to so many things–fashion, restaurant trends, hobbies, and most certainly, architectural styles. To name just one, the ranch vs two-story house trend has swung from one to the other and back again over the past few decades. When single-story houses, commonly known as ranch-style homes, first debuted in the 1930s, they … Read More

Pros and Cons of Living in an HOA Neighborhood

HOA neighborhood pool

In the market for a new home? Have you seen listings for those with HOAs (Homeowners Associations) or COAs (Condominium Associations) and wondered what it’s like to live in an association like that? There are lots of reasons to choose an HOA or COA home, but there are also some drawbacks. Read on to see which choice fits you and … Read More

Plan Your Energy Efficient Luxury Home

energy efficient luxury home

Many people save their money and plan for the day when they get to build their dream home. It’s fun to select the ideal location while poring over potential floor plans and models. This is also a time when you can choose some smart options that are more than just fashionable. Planning for an energy efficient luxury home can save … Read More

How to Live in the Best School District

school district school bus

A school district can affect your choice of a new home — even if you don’t have children. School district quality is tied to home value, for multiple reasons. As you search for the ideal home for your family, consider the school district.   Why School District Matters Whether you have children in public school or not, your school district … Read More

Questions to Ask When You Visit a Model Home

model home

You drive up to the house. You step out and look up at its sparkling new exterior and expertly manicured landscaping. A friendly face ushers you through the door, where distinguished features and fashionable decor surround you. You take a whirlwind tour of a model home, trying to imagine yourself in one like it. But are you taking full advantage … Read More

How To Budget For Your New Custom Home

new custom home

You want to build your dream home! How exciting! Here are some tips that will help you get the new custom home you want, and prevent the debt from getting you. Identify Priorities for Your New Custom Home This step is the most important because designing and building a home is a journey. Bumps and distractions will arise along the … Read More

Make Your Dream Home a Pet-Friendly Home

dog and cat in yard

Pets are part of the family. When you shop for the perfect new home, you want to make sure it’s not only idyllic for adults and children but for any current or future pets. As you shop for existing homes or plan to have one built, think ahead about your pet’s needs. Here are some of the factors that make … Read More