Prepare Your Kids to Be Future Homeowners

future homeowners

According to a number of experts, millennials show a shocking dearth of life skills such as cooking, repairing things around the home, and balancing a budget. This lack of basic, “how to” knowledge is so widespread that schools that teach people “how to adult” have sprung up across the U.S. For example, clinical psychologist Rachel Weinstein founded “The Adulting School.” … Read More

Keep Your Floors Clean as We Head Into Fall

muddy shoes and clean floors

Fall is an ideal time to enjoy the great outdoors. The leaves are falling, the grass is covered in dew in the mornings, and perhaps it rains more, depending on where you live. A hike in the woods or simply walking the dog takes on a whole new flavor. One downside is, we often bring the outdoors indoors — onto … Read More